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Hervis Sports Reservation Terms and Conditions for “Bike Rental”   (Issue: 21.05.2013)

These terms and conditions apply to reservations of bikes, e-bikes and/or additional articles (helmets, child seats etc.) performed via
Online reservations are rewarded with a 15% bonus, which is immediately deducted from the price.
Kids under the age of 10 can use the equipment for free if at least one parent hires equipment online via during the same period.

1.     Reservation and Payment:

Look for the offer that best suits your requirements in the rental shop of your choice. The images on the website are symbolic representations of models. You will, however, receive equipment that is by all means equal to the quality of the selected category.
Depending on the specific region, you can perform booking with the aid of booking tools provided by either the Wintersteiger (“easyrent”) or Montana (“sports-rental”) company.
Directly after concluding the reservation, you will receive a confirmation of order from our cooperation partner via the e-mail address that you stated. Please print it out and present it at the rental shop.
If you should have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Hotline, which is available during office hours.

2.    Collection and Payment

The equipment that you booked is available for you to collect from the shop as of 16:00 pm the day before the actual reservation period begins. If you do collect equipment the day before, you still only have to pay your bill in accordance with the reservation period. Please bring a valid form of photo identification with you.

3.    Returning the Equipment

The hired equipment has to be returned, before the shop closes, on the last day of the period agreed upon. If the equipment should be used for an extended period, the difference between the actual period of use and the reserved or prepaid rental period is calculated in accordance with our local price list and is to be paid on site. The hired equipment is always to be returned in a condition that is fit for further use.

4.    Use of Equipment

From the moment of collecting till the return, you are responsible for the hired equipment and you are only allowed to use the equipment in accordance with its intended function and respective application conditions. Third party use is not permitted.

5.    Damage and Theft:

The hired sports equipment is not covered by insurance with regard to damage or theft, unless you take out an insurance coverage yourself. If you should damage the hired equipment, e.g. by crashing or falling, in such a way that we are subsequently unable to rent it out any more, we will have to charge you the estimated current value. You can insure yourself against this risk by paying a 10% surcharge (“coverage”), in which case you wouldn’t have to pay any more for inadvertently damaged equipment. If the bike should be stolen, a graduated (general) percentage excess is applied to the amount of EUR 150.00 for cross bikes/kids bikes, EUR 250.00 for mountain bikes and EUR 650.00 for e-bikes. Furthermore, the incident must be immediately reported to the responsible security authorities (police), and the rental shop also has to be informed. We will otherwise have to charge you the current value of the stolen equipment.

6.    E-Bikes

Electric bikes or e-bikes are high-tech machines that need to be used and treated with particular care. The range of electrically powered travel is limited depending on the specific battery type. Depending on the terrain, you can travel up to 100 km on a fully charged battery. The actual travel range is considerably shorter when riding mainly uphill. We recommend that you should carefully read through the accompanying user manual before riding the e-bike for the first time. (USER MANUAL BOSCH eBIKE SYSTEMS – Version 2011 / 2012)
The battery must be charged after using the e-bike for a whole day: When charging the battery, you must observe the manufacturer’s safety instructions as defined in the provided user manual. Charge the battery at an ambient temperature between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius and ensure that only original battery chargers are used in order to avoid unnecessary risks. Moreover, do not perform any modifications to the battery, do not leave unattended while charging and under no circumstances should you use flammable materials as a support during the charging process.
If you follow the advice above, you’ll be able to experience boundless e-bike pleasure. If you should have any problems or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hervis store in which you hired the e-bike.

7.    Child Seats

Child seats are pre-mounted and may not be removed from the bikes until the bikes are returned. Please also observe that the law stipulates that child seats are only to be used by children up to a maximum of 6 years of age and/or with a maximum bodyweight of 22 kg. Hervis assumes no liability for accidents that are caused by improper use!